Tapestry beta has been released. At (Block 518400) Placeholders block reward is 0.3 PHL per block.

Use Placeholders as a decentralized alternative to Amazon Cloud Services or Google Cloud

Artifacts are the backbone of the Placeholders' framework, allowing for the pooling of decentralized resources. Enable the creation of VPS's on demand by storing data and executable code with torrent and distributed ledger technology.

Placeholders at a Glance

Purpose & Benefit

Tool to track, verify and authenticate the origin and transit of data. View the path data has undergone as it travels through the network.

Web & Interface

Using JSON for data interchange makes placeh artifacts portable across the network and machine and platform agnostic. Thin or thick client can interact with network nodes through a simple protocol.

Data & Executable

Load, retrieve, send and receive data. Execute distributed applications in series or in parallel easily and in a decentralized manner.

Store, Track, Send

Use artifacts as a packaging mechanism for long or short term storage, or to transport electronic commercial or hobby based packages to any recipient anywhere the internet exists in the world.

Placeholders Wallets


Logos are reproduced here with permission of their respective exchanges

Block Explorers

*Block Explorers may or may not disclose artifact data

Minecraft Server(s)

Minecraft Server (Earn PHL, 1 Gold Ingot = 1 PHL)

North Americaminecraft.placeh.ioKingPlato
Western EuropeTBAOPEN
Eastern EuropeTBAOPEN


withdrawwithdraw F8w7uySp8c1oaLd8vSy7GnLkRHZW62JBag 10 (removes 10 gold ingots from your inventory)
***depositdeposit 100 (adds 10 netherite ingots to players inventory. You will need to pay the PHL address posted in #phl-minecraft discord)
***depositdeposit 100 (adds 10 bedrock blocks to players inventory. You will need to pay the PHL address posted in #phl-minecraft discord)

***This feature is being worked on at present.

*Block Explorers may or may not disclose artifact data


Total Supply: < 10.5 Million
Premine: Zero
BTC Price (Approximately): 0.00000314
USD Price (Approximately): 0.03
X16R Height: 803196
Difficulty: 47.64746979602733
Circulating Supply: 4963473.35 PHL (block explorer)
Market Capitalization: 166200.46 USD
Abbreviation Info: 254 376 FE Alt 0254 รพ þ þ Latin small letter thorn
Block Time: 1 Minute
Coin Creation Process: PoW (X16R)


Address Header: 35 (F)
P2SH Header: 38
Dumped Private Key Header: 176
BIP 44 INDEX: 1990
PORT: 6607
RPC PORT: 6608
Github Repository: X16R Placeholders Repository
BIP 39 Recovery: BIP 39 Recovery Tool
  • Q1 2018 Genesis

    -Compile SHA256 Bitcoin clone wallet.
    -Release CPU miner.
    -Setup/Release Website and Explorer.
    -Setup and Release Paper wallet.
    -Develop and Define Artifact.

  • Q2 2018 Diffusion

    -Setup and Release Mobile Wallet/Electrum Server.
    -Setup and Maintain Early Discord Channel.
    -Redevelop and redefine the Artifact.
    -Release branded v2.0.24.1.
    -Develop Logo and branding.

  • Q3 2018 Elastic

    -First UNOMP Pool released.
    -ASIC and Nice Hash miners cause chain to stall.
    -Reduced coin issuance from 21M to 10.5M.
    -Release v2.0.25.1.

  • Q4 2018 Nebula

    -Fork to Dark Gravity Wave Difficult Adjustment.
    -Released v2.0.26.1.
    -Fork reduced coin issuance from 50 PHL per block to 5 PHL per block.
    -Fork reduces block time from 10 minutes per block to 1 minute per block.
    -Developed and maintained a more structured Discord channel.
    -Developed Core Stakeholders, Round table and Community Discussion Mechanism.
    -Released v2.0.27.1.
    -Exchange listing at crex24 goes live.
    -Forked chain to X16R.
    -Released v2.0.28.1.
    -Implemented steep drop off for issuance of new coins.
    -Attempt to strike balance between minability and price.

  • Q1 2019 Grid Cluster

    -Second exchange listing at qTrade.io goes live.
    -Suffered 51% attack; discussion to secure PHL chain against 51% attacks begins.
    -Coin reached "BPBullish Plateau", Coin mining rewards dropped to 4.5 coins per block.
    -Refactored Mobile wallet/Electrum X server for X16R PHL.
    -Launched Marketplace for Cloud Services (Alpha Release, service consumers only).
    -Deployed v2.0.29.1 with stability updates and hardcap on future coin supply.
    -Reduction in attack surface for potential vulnerabilities in subsystems.
    -Addition of commercial grade development methodologies and practices.

  • Q2 2019 Fog Unity

    -Implement full provider support to marketplace. Entice providers to provide resources using the placeholder platform.
    -Integration for distributed invoices and electronic payment reminders.
    -Automate VM Procurement and Provider listing and search engine.
    -Shiggidy drop is reached, further reduction in coin mining supply from 4.5 PHL to 2.5 PHL coins per block.
    -Deployed v2.0.29.2 as inflation fix during Shiggidy drop.
    -Implemented continuous integration environment.
    -Implemented quality assurance protocols, processes and procedures.
    -Deployed marketplace portal with login, account, services provided.

  • Q3 2019 Sandbox

    -Deploy commercial grade cloud queuing software for Virtual Machine ordering.
    -Releasing partial Placeholder API. Designed to make most actions within the Placeholder Ecosystem programmatically available.
    -Partial support for uploading SNAPSHOT files to Artifacts to use in the creation of pre-configured VPS.
    -Implement open and transparent escrow system.
    -Subsidized and Voluntary seeding of artifact storage.
    -Brewhaus Breakaway, a further, sharp reduction in coin supply going from 2.5 PHL per block to 1.8 PHL per block.
    -Security hardening against potential DDoS and safeguards for vulnerabilities in subsystems.
    -Alpha release of v2.0.30.4XI - Decentralized cloud service protocol with partial API support and portal integration.
    -Crunchy Cat, a further, sharp reduction in coin supply going from 1.8 PHL per block to 1 PHL per block.

  • Q4 2019 Tapestry

    -Integration of enterprise level management systems and distributed functionality; allowing for massive scalability.
    -Continuous integration of commercial grade decentralized cloud services.
    -Continuous improvement of services and user experience.
    -Beta release of v2.0.30.5 - Completely decentralized cloud service protocol with partial API support and portal integration.
    -Implementation of large scale independent mining facilities to ensure the chain continues to function through tail emission
    -Queue and tasks
    -On board commercial paying clients for self sustainability.

  • Q1 2020 Autonomic Utility

    -Leverage API components to gain additional commercial clients and users.
    -Jan 3rd Silver Slope, a further, sharp reduction in coin supply going from 1 PHL per block to 0.6 PHL per block.
    -Add additional security to prevent future 51 attack (Trial implementation of Veriblock (VBK))
    -Drop in coin supply from 0.6 PHL to 0.3 PHL.
    -Full release of v2.1.0.0 Tapestry - Completely decentralized cloud service protocol with complete API support and integration.

  • Q2 2020 Monolithic Complexity

    -Self healing and self management of network.
    -Re-working of patent application.
    -Readjust working plan due to COVID-19.
    -Released node repository replicator (Alpha).
    -Recovered from loss of critical subsystems (Electrum, Main Block explorer).
    -Released updated mobile wallet.
    -Added new Electrum X node.
    -Listed on altmarkets.io
    -Added crypto enabled minecraft server (minecraft.placeh.io)

  • Q3 2020 Sonar Cube Shift

    -Open full API for fair and equal public use.
    -Release "working" white paper for peer review.
    -Self healing and self management of network.
    -Completion of patent application.
    -Complete open sourcing of all components, sub systems and technology.
    -Final drop in per block rewards to tail emission of 0.1235 PHL per block
    -Tail emission to remain steady until sometime between 2090 and 2111.




Price USD (¢)


Market Capitalization (USD)


* Total height is comprised of 75000 SHA256 + 129600 x16r (fork) + 803198 x16r Height (current fork)