Tail Emissions (0.1235 PHL) reached in Why placeholders? (see below)

Placeholders Downloads

Links to wallets, miners, pool software and other supporting resources can be found on this page.
Headless Raspberry PI Image (Ubuntu 20.04)BareBare Preconfigured Full Node without Repository, onion access
Tapestry Beta (Windows)Tapestry Beta Binary (U)Deploy and host artifacts on your computer. (
PHL Wallet/Daemon-Only (Linux Ubuntu 16.04)Placeh_2.0.30.5_Ubuntu16.tar.gz(Linux/Ubuntu)Download the full node (RC
PHL Wallet/Daemon-Only (Linux Ubuntu 18.04)Placeh_2.0.30.5_Ubuntu18.tar.gz(Linux/Ubuntu)Download the full node (RC
API DocumentationDocumentationRead the documentation for the Placeholder API.
Source CodeCPP Source Code (Github)Download the source code for full node.
Experimental Minecraft ModMinecraftTake ownership of the game, community, manage, modify, and grow the community.
Typical placeh.confConfig File ExampleDownload this conf file for your linux distribution in case you have trouble connecting to peers.
Android WalletBeta APKInstall the Android based Application.
Use this wallet to host your coins on a mobile wallet.
BIP39 Recovery ToolBIP39 Recovery ToolIf you have coins stuck somewhere that implements BIP39 keys and cannot broadcast for some reason, you can watch this video: bip39 recovery. However, instead of using the repo they've listed, please use our forked version to uncover your private keys. Those private keys can then be imported into placeh core using importprivkey.
Android SourceJava Source (Github)Download the source code for android application.
DependenciesDependencies for CompilationAll Bitcoin/Ravencoin/Placeholder dependencies source code for compiling
Repository ReplicatorRepository ReplicatorReplicate the entire repository.
Latest Repository WARLatest WARDeploy to tomcat/webapps directory.
Web Artifact DeploymentDeploy ArtifactDeploy an artifact to an address online through a thin client
Electrum X ServerElectrum X ServerBroadcast placeholders to mobile wallets.
Pool SoftwarePool SoftwareCreate and setup your own placeh mining pool. Thanks Brewhaus!.
Pool PageMining Pool Stats | Mining PoolsMine PHL with x16r here
GPU Miner (Nevermore)ccminer.exeThis program will allow placeh to be mined using a GPU.
Use connection string: ccminer -a x16r -o stratum+tcp://us.icemining.ca:3648 -u F9ddp3zXbNd5zwxBngvRBe4zQgmoViNuma.one -p c=PHL (Change address)
Paper WalletCreate Paper WalletStore keys/coins safely offline in your safety deposit box or under your mattress. This is a paper wallet generator forked from Bitaddress.org
MinecraftServer(minecraft.placeh.io / 25565)
Vote for our Server!
Play Multiplayer Minecraft and withdraw your gold ingots as PHL to your PHL wallet. Visit our discord for more help #phl-minecraft
System Health Status24x7 Site SignalsTrack availability of all subsystems of the placeholder network.

How to Redeem Voucher

In order to redeem paper wallets, you will need to:
Step 0: Install the full node. (See instructions above)
Step 1: Go to the console and "addnode add" to join the network, wait for synchronization.
Step 2: Use a QR code reader to scan the code, then send it to your email or copy and paste into the placeh full node console.
Step 3: If you are on the network, you can then use the importprivkey "key" in the console to add the key to your keyring.
Step 4: Check your balance to see that the value of the coins have been redeemed.
Alternately: Use sweep paper wallet function on our Android Mobile Wallet.


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* Total height is comprised of 75000 SHA256 + 129600 x16r (fork) + -1 x16r Height (current fork)