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Use Placeholders as a decentralized platform to run asynchronous tasks and train machine learning models.

Artifacts are the backbone of the Placeholders' framework, allowing for the pooling of decentralized resources. Enable the creation of VPS's on demand by storing data and executable code with torrent and distributed ledger technology.

Placeholders at a glance

Purpose & Benefit

Tool to track, verify and authenticate the origin and transit of data. View the path data has undergone as it travels through the network.

Web & Interface

Using JSON for data interchange makes placeholder artifacts portable across the network and machine and platform agnostic. Thin or thick client can interact with network nodes through a simple protocol.

Data & Executable

Load, retrieve, send and receive data. Execute distributed applications in series or in parallel easily and in a decentralized manner.

Store, Track, Send

Use artifacts as a packaging mechanism for long or short term storage, or to transport electronic commercial or hobby based packages to any recipient anywhere the internet exists in the world.

Placeholders Wallets



Total Supply: < 10.5 Million
Premine: Zero
BTC Price (Approximately): 0.00000197
USD Price (Approximately): 0.02
X16R Height: -1
Difficulty: -1.0
Circulating Supply: 4507522.90 PHL (block explorer)
Market Capitalization: 76627.89 USD
Abbreviation Info: 254 376 FE Alt 0254 รพ þ þ Latin small letter thorn
Block Time: 1 Minute
Coin Creation Process: PoW (X16R)


Address Header: 35 (F)
P2SH Header: 38
Dumped Private Key Header: 176
BIP 44 INDEX: 1990
PORT: 6607
RPC PORT: 6608
Github Repository: X16R Placeholders Repository
BIP 39 Recovery: BIP 39 Recovery Tool


Chain Snapshot




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* Total height is comprised of 75000 SHA256 + 129600 x16r (fork) + -1 x16r Height (current fork)