Track data artifacts through a distributed ledger.

Send and receive artifacts using a distributed node graph database


Track, authenticate and verify data as it moves through the network.



Grab an early position in a low circulation cryptocurrency.



Download and run a full node in addition to visiting the faucet to get started.

Free Stake


Store data and executable code on a distributed ledger. Send and receive data asynchronously using public private key encryption. Connect to the network anywhere you can access the internet. A simplified explanation of how the artifact system works can be found here in our genesis artifact


PHL Full Nodeplaceh-windows-setup-x86_64.exeDownload the full node.
Source CodeCPP Source Code (Github)Download the source code for full node.
Android WalletAlpha APK (Debug)Install the Android based Application. Allows you to broadcast transfer and receive requests as well as view, verify, sign and track artifacts. NOTE: Do not send any PHL to this version of the wallet unless you have a backup of the keys!
Android Source{coming maybe}Download the source code for android application.
Electrum X ServerElectrum X ServerBroadcast placeholders to mobile wallets.
CPU Miner Kitmining-utilities.zipThis kit of scripts will allow placehd to be mined using a standard CPU.
Paper WalletCreate Paper WalletStore keys/coins safely offline in your safety deposit box or under your mattress. This is a paper wallet generator forked from
Preloaded Voucher WalleteVoucher WalletBulk generate branded eVoucher wallets dynamically or on demand
addnode add
addnode add
*A bounty of 1000 PHL will be offered to the first 5 those who host a full node.
Contact via discord to get on the list.
NOTICE: You will need to enter "addnode add" into the console to synchronize with the network. A further release will follow shortly with seeder nodes built in.

In order to mine placeh, follow these steps:
Step 0: Install placeh client to default install windows location.
Step 1: Make sure to "addnode add" first inside of the client console window.
Step 2: Extract contents of mining utlity zip into a folder
Step 3: run script: run-node.bat
Step 4: run cpu-miner.bat
Be aware: In order to run cpu-miner.bat you must be running placehd in a seperate command window.


Initiate your stake by filling from the faucet.

Faucet Contents
{Processed Manually - Receive Free PHL}
Send PHL

Purpose & Benefit

Tool to track, verify and authenticate the origin and transit of data. View the path data has undergone as it travels through the network.

Web & Interface

Using JSON for data interchange makes placeh artifacts portable across the network and machine and platform agnostic. Thin or thick client can interact with network nodes through a simple protocol.

Data & Executable

Load, retrieve, send and receive data. Execute distributed applications in series or in parallel easily and in a decentralized manner.

Store, Track, Send

Use artifacts as a packaging mechanism for long or short term storage, or to transport electronic commercial or hobby based packages to any recipient anywhere the internet exists in the world.

How to Redeem Voucher

In order to redeem paper wallets, you will need to:
Step 0: Install the full node. (See instructions above)
Step 1: Go to the console and "addnode add" to join the network, wait for synchronization.
Step 2: Use a QR code reader to scan the code, then send it to your email or copy and paste into the placeh full node console.
Step 3: If you are on the network, you can then use the importprivkey in the console to add the key to your keyring.
Step 4: Check your balance to see that the value of the coins have been redeemed.

Early Adoption


Total Supply: 21 Million

Premine: Zero

Abbrevation Info: 254 376 FE Alt 0254 รพ þ þ Latin small letter thorn

Block Time: 10 Minutes

Coin Creation Process: PoW (+ PoS TBA)

Whitepaper: artifact

Roadmap: {Coming maybe}

Circulating Supply: (~200K) See block explorer


Address Header: 35 (F)

P2SH Header: 38

Dumped Private Key Header: 176

BIP 44 INDEX: 1200


Get Involved: You may grab an early position, and support the development of this project by purchasing one of the few available stacks:
No free floating price has been determined yet, although we feel 0.75c each is fair value.
The total size of the sellable pool of coins is currently < 25000.

25 PHL


Purchase 25 PHL

250 PHL


Purchase 250 PHL

2500 PHL


Purchase 2500 PHL

Fun Facts

1 Archived Artifacts
4177 Height
25 Full Nodes
2 Node with Public IP